How can I book a tour?
To book a tour with us simply contact us using the contact form or send us an email. We can plan your tour according to your needs, set the timing and provide reservation if needed. Please do not hesitate to write to us!
How long do I need to visit Rome?
A lifetime is not enough, as Stendhal used to say… The reality is that we can adjust and design out tours according to your plans, in order to fit as MUCH as possible in the time you have available. If you are stopping in Rome during your cruise we can set up a 8 hours tour, but if you are staying in Rome for more than one day, then we can organize the perfect itinerary to let you discover the eternal city.
What is the dress code to enter the major sights?
There is a dress code valide in all the churches: shoulders and knees covered. If you have a church included in your tour remember to wear shorts or skirts that are up to your knees and no sleeveless shirts!
Fit flops and sandals are ok.
When you go to visit a museum don’t bring with you big packbacks or very big bags, they might not allow you to enter.
Water is allowed in every site of Rome.
Why do I need a tour guide?
Because if you go around with an expert of the city, you will appreciate it more! Walking through the tiny streets of Rome with a professional tour guide will let you enjoy every single minute and you will not miss any detail.
With your personal tour guide your vacation is different: she takes care of everything and you just need to relax!
I can find the stores on my own. Why do I need a shopping expert?
You do not need a shopping guide to find regular stores, just stroll around the main streets and you will find the big names in no time. If you are looking for something special, though, like a handmade pieces and special brands not available out of our country, we recommend getting our tours that will help you finding the best items in the most hidden streets.
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